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About Henryk Rostowicz


Henryk Rostowicz, 1947-

Born in Poland in 1947. His family immigrated to Israel in 1950 and he lives there since.

1982 - started to paint oil on canvas. 1984-1986 - studies painting at Izhak Spector Studio, a Russian painter M.A at the Kiev University.
2000 - teaching painting.
2002 - created the web site Art Painting Gallery together with Joseph Efroni.

2006 - Holon Theater
2010 - Amiad Gallery
2010 - Jaffa Museum
הנריק רוסטוביץ
Henryk Rostowicz paints portraits, people, landscape and still life. Most of his paintings are figurative colorful influenced by the baroque style.

Beside his artistic activities, he graduated law school at the Tel-aviv University, and practice law expertising in real estate taxation, and author of many books in that field, journalist, lecturer and web sites builder. In 2001 he got Ph.D. in marketing at the Oradea University, Romania. 

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