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About Geula Levy


Geula Levy, 1939- 

Geula Levy was born in Israel in 1939, lived in N.Y. 1974-1978 and 1991-1995. 

Levy studied art in N.Y. with the artist Hava Mann in 1974-1975. During 1983-1986 she learnd at Bat-Yam Institute of Arts. 

Geula Levy's paintings all kind of different styles, classical, realistic and urban Arts. 

Geula Levy was inspired by the united Jerusalem after the Six Day War in 1967. The holy elements of the old and the new, gathered into compositions that live together in harmony. 
 Levy Geula

Living far from home that inspired her work, Geula Levy  dedicated her art to Jerusalem and call it Jerusalems Magic. 

In her present style she evokes the figurative and colorful spirit in an interesting optimistic composition. The strong and warm colors give the impression of a one big festival. Her paintings evoke the streaming and movement. 

Geula Levy uses strong oil colors on canvas. The contrast between the quietness and the storm of the colors makes her a unique painter. 

Exhibitions: galleries in Tel-Aviv, Holon, Bat-Yam and Rishon Le-Zion.
1994 - a solo show in Leumi Bank in New-York.
1995 - a group exhibition in Agora Gallery in So-Ho New-York.
2004 - a solo exhibition in Mattnass Kadima.
2006 - a solo exhibition in BetHatanach in Tel-Aviv.

Contact: +972 (0)3 6969207