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About Boris Artzybasheff

Boris Artzybasheff, 1899–1965

American draftsman, illustrator, writer, and cartoonist, born Kharkiv, Russia (now in Ukraine), son of Mikhail Petrovich Artzybashev.

Arriving in the USA from his native Russia in 1919 unable to speak any English, he worked as a merchant seaman before staring his career as an illustrator.

He illustrated some 50 books, several of which he wrote, including many covers for Time magazine. 

As I see, his own book of his work contains some wonderful imagery. A specialist in anthropomorphic images, he combined machines into strange hybrid creatures. Republished by Ken Steacy Publishing.

We present chosen drawings from the first chapter of 'As I See', called 'Neurotica'. Those amazing drawings helps to understand many mental illnesses.

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