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About Sir Anthony Van Dyck


Sir Anthony van Dyck, 1599-1641

Sir Anthony van Dyck (Antonius van Dijck), was born in Antwerp. At the age of 10, he began to train by the painter Hendrick van Balen. 

In 1615, he already had his own workshop and an apprentice. In 1618, he was accepted as a full member of the Lucas Guild of painters. In 1618-1620, Van Dyck was working with Rubens as his pupil and assistant. 

In 1621 Van Dyck wen to Italy, where he studied and copied the Venetian masters - Tintoretto, Veronese and Titian. In 1627, Van Dyck returned to Antwerp, and became a court painter to the Archduchess Isabella in 1630. 

 Sir Anthony van Dyck

In his court portraits Van Dyck established a style that influenced Europe for more than two centuries. And he became the most important Flemish painter of the 17th Century.  

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