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About John William Godward


John William Godward, 1861-1922

John William Godward was a painter of classical genre scenes. He is known for his highly finished paintings of pretty girls dressed in classical robes and for the exact rendering of marble and the flowing movement of classical costume.

Since 1880 Godward studied at the St John Wood Art School and the Clapham School of Art. He filled his studio with marbles, ancient statues and other antique objects attempting to recreate a Graeco-Roman inspirational environment for his work.

John William Godward self portrait 

John William Godward exhibited 19 pictures at the Royal Academy between 1887 and 1905 and at the Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, of which he became a member in 1889. His paintings were often accepted to the Autumn Exhibitions at Birmingham Royal Society of Artists.

Godward also exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1899. In 1913 he was awarded the gold medal at the International Exhibition in Rome.

Godward returned to London in 1921 and committed a suicide in 1922.

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