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Jan Vermeer - 1632-1675

Jan or Johannes Vermeer van Delft, a Dutch genre painter who lived and worked in Delft.

Vermeer specialized in domestic interior scenes of ordinary bourgeois life. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age, and is particularly renowned for his masterly treatment and use of light in his work.

Jan Vermeer was apprenticed as a painter, but it is not certain where he studied, nor with whom. It is generally believed that he studied in Delft and that his teacher was either Carel Fabritius or Leonaert Bramer.


During the Dutch Golden Age, painting was not considered an art, but a trade, a way to make a living. Vermeer's financial difficulties are revealed by the guild's records, which establish that he could not initially pay the admission fee.

One of the town's richest citizens, Pieter van Ruijven, became his patron and bought many of his paintings. In Delft Vermeer had been a respected artist, but he was almost unknown outside his home town, and the fact that a local patron, van Ruijven, purchased much of his output reduced the possibility of his fame spreading.

Vermeer produced transparent colors by applying paint onto the canvas in loosely granular layers, a technique called pointillé.

According to the catalogue from the 1696 Dissius estate sale in Amsterdam describing twenty-one Vermeer paintings to be auctioned, one of the works was a 'portrait of Vermeer in a room with various accessories uncommonly beautifully painted by him.' Unfortunately, this 'uncommonly beautiful' self-portrait of Vermeer remains missing or has not survived. See Vermeer's Lost Self-Portrait

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